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Want to know about Keyword?

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In relation to SEO when you are looking for information about keyword you will get lost of info avelable on internet. If you’d like to rank your page Or blog post, then a keyword is very crucial. Understanding the basic principal of a keyword is very important.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word which relates with your page/post. In other way you can call it’s the search term that users looking for or a keyword that you are looking to rank with certain page/post. So that user search for that keyboard or a term they should find that page/post on your website.

Let’s say you’ve a website about digital media. You offers different types of digital media services. You blog about best practices, digital media news, best tools, etc. So you have build your website around degital media. Ask yourself this:

  • What kind of search term do you want to be found for?
  • Which words do you think people will use in search engine to find you?
  • What would be the search query look like?

Probably [digital media company] right? Because this term reflect what’s on your page. If you have to explain the bottom line of your content, how would that look? What would you use? That’s your keyword Or search term – cause it consist of multiple words.

Are keywords important?

The google or search engine consider when ranking a page is contant on the page. It consider words on page. The words which you use gide google; it informs google and other search engine that what the page Or a blog post is all about. For Instant a blog post about digital media news is use two times, then all words are of equal importance. Google or other search engine won’t get clear idea which of those words important and which aren’t. So if you want to make google Or other search engine understand whats on your page, you need to use very often.

Isn’t the only reason why a keyword Or term are important. Actually it’s not, because you should always think from the users prospective. With SEO you want user to land on your page when they are using certain terms or keywords. You need to think like your readers, and use the words which they might use while they are searching.

If you do not use the correct words, you target readers will never land on your page that you want they should visit. Because your content is not matching up with your target user’s search term. But if you use the words users using while they are searching, you will definitely get more traffic to your page or post. Hence right keyword is very important.

How do you use keywords in your page or post?

There was a time when website owners or developers use to add to many keywords in post or in page thinking of that they will rank in search engine. But with to many keywords in contant don’t please users. And because users didn’t find it interesting to read, google also find it not introducing too. That’s why using to many keywords in contant for ranking in google became hard to do.

So what is the thumb rule? The main thing is that your content should be easy to read. Definitely you should use your keywords in contant, but do not use them in almost each and every sentence. On an average if you use 1 to 2% of your keyword in contant is not overdoing. Make sure you should well distributed throughout your content. Don’t use all your keywords in first paragraph keeping in mind that you are done with optimising. Naturally distributing them throughout your contant. Your header should consist your keyword or in your sub header accordingly to the length of your content. Use in your page title, first paragraph, and in your meta description.

By now you have a basic understanding of what a keyword is. This information will help you in keyword research,which is very important next phase.

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