Why is an amazing headline so important for a blog post?

Does headline is really so important to any type of the blog post?

An amazing headline is very important in any copywriting process. Because the reader will read the headline first and then the blogpost.    

If the headline is good enough to create relevance to the reader he is going to read the entire blog post. Even if you have one of the best blog post content but the headline is not attractive enough then the user might not pay attention to your blog post.

But enough if you have a very creepy blog post and the headline is catchy enough they immediately go through the blog post and read it.

So just take a look at what has to be an amazing headline.  

Headline Length

Not to short not too long. Ideally, it should be around 56 – 60 characters recommended.   

Why it is essential because when you promote your content online and when google index it, it only reads first 56 – 60 characters of the headline only. And after that it just put ….

Whatever they are in the first 50 – 60 characters that will be recognized by google search engine or other platforms.  

So make sure in the mind when you are writing the headline for your blog post.

Use numbers

Example: 7 Blog Post Ideas to Start With for Beginners 

                13 reasons your product might fail on the launch.

A headline which has numbers in it usually gets more attention. Something like in the example shown above. When a specific number is attached to the headline user-developed the curiosity about what are 7 ideas to start with the blog post.

Common Mistakes   

Make you heading with common mistakes or problems. That way you are connecting with the reader might they have been from the same situation before. The readership is definitely going to increase. 

Be very specific 

“Learning Digital Marketing” This is one headline for the blog post.

And if you have taken consideration of all the above points or the tips to make it more interesting so how will it be  

Here’s How to Master Digital Marketing in Just 20 Days

How to Headline

How to archive ______

How to get

Even if make it more interesting mean it more compiling.

Asking Questions

Do you want to learn Digital Marketing in Just 20 Days?

Ask the question through the headline so that they have to answer the question either Yes or No in their mind. If their answer is yes they are definitely going to read your article. 

That is the strength of an amazing headline.

So any high traffic blog post has an amazing headline and because of that only it has that high traffic volume. Make sure you will create interest in the minds of the readers’ while drafting your headline. The headline will be like the gate towards your blog post if it interesting then only he might be entering into it to explore your blog post.

Here are some useful resources you can use while writing your headline. They will help you to come up with an amazing headline for your blog post. There are lots of ideas available on these resources web site that might benefit you for coming up with your headline for the blog post.   

One is

Here are some of the headline ideas are given to you. Based on them you should type your headline and right side of the page it will show you the score for your headline.

For example: Why is an amazing headline so important for a blog post?

50 is the ok, the optimum length of the headline.

62 is long, still ok.

100 is no way, the max length of the headline allowed. 

Another one is 

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