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Difference Between Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail Keywords

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Search engine optimization (SEO) campaign’s important part is keyword. Using the best keywords to target is crucial for your website’s search result performance.  

To more accurately detect contents of your website in search engine robots you should use relevant keyword placing them in to your heading, descriptions, and body text.

Do not use excessive keywords to optimize of your website.

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It is very important to make sure that you do not use excessive keywords to optimize your website. 

You should spared your keywords in such a way that your readers would not feel unnatural. So that your SEO activity will be more productive.

There are number of keyword research tools are available. Some of them are free and others are paid. I prefer Ubersuggest, it is partially free and advance tools are paid. They will provide you with valuable insight such as search volume, CPC (cost per click), paid difficulty and SEO difficulty.  

While researching into on-site SEO you will notice terms like short tail keywords and long tail keywords. 

Short tail keywords are more general term with one or two words. And long tail keywords are more specific phrases with three to five or even more words.

When you are searching for more relevant result, user tried to use keyword phrases i.e., long tail keyword for specific search result. 

In apposite if you are searching something general topic, user tend to use single- or two-word keyword term I.e., short tail keywords.

When researching on keyword suggestion, most of digital marketers prefer short tail keyword, cause these keywords has the most traffic. But there is one catch, these short tail keywords are more competitive in spite of they have large number of hits receive.

For example, if your searching “difference between short tail keywords and long tail keywords” you may find millions of search result. These terms have thousands of thousands search volume globally. No need to say that getting your web page listed on top of search engine result page (SERP) for that keyword term will be almost impossible.

It is not easier rank on the top with long tail keyword, but who will visit your page through long tail keywords are your prospective customer.  

Because long tail keywords are more relevant or more specific, so that user is know what precise he is searching for. While when user is searching with short tail keyword, he is on his early stage of looking for services or the products before taking any action on it.

In-short, long tail keywords having higher returns on investment (ROI) rather than competing with big brands which enjoy monopoly in market.

How to Research Long Tail Keywords

By now you should come to know how important long tail key words are in your search engine marketing (SEM). You will need to find best suitable long tail keyword for your SEM campaign. 

The great place to find out is your know website. Cause your website has content highly relevant to your business. Just reviewing your web content, you should get plenty of keyword ideas. By compiling all of them you can come up with short phrases of around three to five words.  

Great way to generate long tail keywords is simply ask in your network. 

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The best practice will be start researching services or products relevant to your business and ask your network what search terms they will use. You will be surprised to see worthwhile result!

You Should still Focused on Short Tail Key Words?

In spite of more competitive in nature you still focused on short tail key words. After all it is possible most of the traffic on your website coming through search engine will come from short quires.

The visitors who ultimately become your costumer mostly come from long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are still important for your brand awareness and driving more organic traffic.

Your Take!  

Do share your experience with short tail keywords vs long tail keywords.

How do you research for long tail keywords for your on-page SEO strategy.

Did you have any success with short tail keywords targeting? 

Do tell us about it! 

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