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Is Digital Marketing Has Edge Over Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing is Different from Digital Marketing…

The medium through which an audience encounters a marketing message is the main difference between both of them. 

Newspapers ads, TV commercials, Magazine Ads, Pamphlet, Radio Ads these are methods are used by Traditional Marketing.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing uses digital media such as websites, social media platforms, online forams.

Traditional Marketing

  • Billboard Ads
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Gingals
  • Magazine Ads
  • Creatives

Traditional marketing has his own limitations in terms of reach to audiences. 

They do not have proper targeting to specific audiences.

For example, on the freeway, there is a huge billboard of the beauty product for women. There is no such tool that tracks how many women have passed by the billboard. It is very difficult to monitor this. Because of this reach of this type of marketing is limited. It is been seen by everyone who is passing by irrespective of men or women. The same message is seen by all of them which is not going to convert into prospective buyers. If you want to change something in the existing ad copy it is going to a very costly affair. It needs a lot of funds to create another one altogether. 

There is no tracking system for the performance of these kinds of ads. There is no proven measurement to analyze.  

It is applicable to all forms of traditional marketing methods.   

The Digital Era

  • Rise of Internet
  • Internet becomes more and more common
  • The speed of the internet is increasing day by day
  • Internet cost is decreasing every day
  • It has a wider reach to the audiences 

The rise in internet services opens the whole set of new avenues. One such avenue is the social media platform. More and more people are signing up on these platforms and be active participants on it by commenting, sharing on social feeds. 


According to 354.4 active users on the social media in 2019 and by 2023 estimating around 447.9 active users on social media. It is a huge reach. 


Mobile phones are getting cheaper so that lot more people are now affording smartphones.

Even nowadays children and toddlers are also active users of smartphones.

Digital Marketing

  • A Huge Database of Users’
  • Knowing Everything About Users’
  • All the data is available to advertisers’
  • Laser Targeted Ads

Because we are in a digital era the reach of digital media is vast.

A lot more people are creating social media profiles on various social media platforms.

And getting more and more active on social media, like creating social media posts, #tags, sharing social media thirds, like others social media users posts, and commenting on them as well. All of these activities resulted in creating a huge database of the users’ behavior like there likes, dislikes, hobbies, demographics information, their age so on…

This information has been provided by the user himself while signing up on social media platforms.  

And all this information is available to advertisers for their ads.  

Take an example of the data available on the users’ likes and dislikes.

And advertisers can be analyzed all the data and will able to target their ads to a specific group of audiences based on their likes and dislikes which is most suited to their product or services.

Comparing with traditional marketing they do not have that liberty to target specific groups of audiences. That’s why it is called laser-targeted ads.

The methods of digital marketing:

Free Methods:


YouTube Videos


The advertisers or companies created blog posts regarding their product or services and offer they are offering to customers. In this way, there are creating awareness about their product or services.

Creating an article about the information and facts about the product or services which will shown on their company website. This is the way they are communicate with the searchers on internet.

They are providing more value to their audiences and building brand authority. 

Creating informational product or services videos they are able to create brand authority. And by doing this they are going to engaging their prospective buyers.

Paid Methods:

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

You Tube Ads

Free Methods

Blog – YouTube – Facebook Page – LinkedIn Profile – Website


Engage the audience

Sell them some thing

Paid Methods

YouTube Ads – Facebook Ads – LinkedIn Ads – Twitter Ads




In this diagram above the flow of the process has be expelen. Free methods such as blog, youtube videos, linkedin page or website are engaging the audiences to call for action that is sell.

Paid Ads also do the same in a larger targeted audiences. either draw traffic to your blog, youtube, linkedin or website to get more sell. 

Whoever take the action but do not complete the purchase are retargeted again to purchase.

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