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WPEngine Review

WPEngine Adventages and Disadventage.

Website owner’s who wants to take hands off approach to website management WPEngine is one of best solution for manage WordPress hosting services.
With the feature such as best uptime, high performance hosting environment, real time threat detection and number of premium hosting services.

For whom WPEngine is best?

Manage hosting service from WPEngine so that website owners who wants to take hands of experience from hosting comes to mind. If your a small bloger or website which has few thousand visitors per month. One who interested web hosting technically but don’t want to get dirty there hand WPEngine is for you.
We recommend this web hosting specifically for:

  1. Medium and large size publishers.
  2. WordPress website which primarily in to ecommerce businesses.
  3. Startups company with hight growth.
  4. Professionals in website designing and web development.

Manage WordPress hosting, business module which has allowed website owners to offer services in many ways is focus of WPEngine. With help of numbers of ecommerce tools, email marketing tools, numbers of studio press themes and lots of WordPress plugins, it will help the owners to scale up the business or online presence.
With 97% of the customer satisfaction rate and it is easy to see why:
Feedback taken from customer pass on to a dedicated development team to implement changes and new functionality suggested by customers.
You can expect better experience with the help of WPEngine.

Although WPEngine should have steep learning curve. There main target customer are those who at least has some technical knowledge.
For those who has less technical knowledge about networking or hosting company has one of the best dedicated self help support center. Here you will find all detailed step-by-step guidance with the help of screen shots, FAQs, in depth articals and much more resources to help smother learning curve.
Instant screen shot.

Multiple dara centers around the globe to deliver contant to website visitors based on their location. This will help distribut the load on your server, which makes it all of difference during peak times. Or unexpected traffic spikes
WPEngine’s data centers located in: US, Australia, Canada, Bangkok, Taiwan, UK, Germany.

Advantages of WPEngine hosting:


Exceptional Load Speed:


Loading speed for any website is very vital to be in search competition. WPEngine really help in this regards.
The host’s combination of custom NGINX extension built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) and SSD technology ensure that your website loaded quickly. NGINX extension prioritize human request and after load balancing provide your visitors a better experience. For its part CDN delivers site content to your visiters based on their location to boost your site’s speed and reduce latency. It is free with all WPEngine plans.

High Performance


WPEngine’s performance is hard to beat in competition. Because of this lot of customers continue to pay a premium price for hosting services. WPEngine guarantees 99.95% server uptime roughly four and half hours of downtime a year. You can further increase your uptime to 99.99% with enhanced SLA which translates to a little under on hour of downtime per year. WPEngine will compensate you with hosting creadit if your uptime falls below the guarantee.

Advance Security

WPEngine Monitors all the traffic going to your site and automatically detects and blocks potential attacks. Additionally updates and patches the WordPress core to eliminate potential vulnerabilities. WPEngine automatically backups your site every day and has a one-click restoration feature to get you back up and running quickly. Finally this hosting service protests your website against JavaScript/SQL injection attacks brute force attempts and DDoS attacks.

Exceptional Customer Support

The hosting services has transparent and traceable tickling system to get in touch with customer care via chat. The support team has an excellent knowledge base and can help you solve problems quickly. You get 24/7 phone live chat support on all the plans.

Transferable Installs

Targeting developers community this feature allows you to built a website from your WPEngine account. You don’t have to wait for the client to add you to their WordPress website. Once completed you can transfer the site to client or host the site on WPEngine. This functionality saves time if you really build website for your client.


WordPress Only Hosting

If you are using any other content management system aside from WordPress then you are out of luck. WPEngine only works with WordPress.

No Domain or Email Hosting

If you want to host your email account and register your domain through your website hos, you need to look elsewhere.

Inflexible Pricing

WPEngine runs a tight ship and this reflected in its pricing. You will be penalized for exceeding your plans visitors limited. This might not be a problem if you have predictable traffic and you can always upgrade your plan as per year site grows.

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