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Differences between “ and”

If not familiar with WordPress then you might be wounding differences between and

vs vs

The major difference between both of them is who is actually hosting a website? is a self-hosted platform, which takes care of all the hosting for the users.

You do not require to download the software, do not need hosting or managed to sever.

And in the case of, anyone can host their own blog or the website.  

Here is where you will find the free WordPress software which can be download and installed on your server.

Advantages and Disadvantages of vs

Both have Advantages and Disadvantages depending on the requirement. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of

If don’t have your own hosting or don’t want to pay for one, managing won web server might go for It will give you freedom free and easy to set-up. And the number of customization options for the website. 

This option is very useful for those who do not have the required expertise to develop web stew. 

The disadvantage of using is that it will by default use “” and your domain become the subdomain. Exp: []     

You are not allowed to upload any custom themes, plugins and can not modify the PHP code behind your web site. 

Though is free to set-up and use, they do have several premium upgrade plans to chose from. Like including a custom domain registration [ if you do not want in your domain name.], it will provide you with the ability to upload videos. Plus you can use their premium themes as well.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of

If you opted to go with the downloaded version of WordPress from which is the open-source application platform.

This will empower you with more control and lot of flexibility on your web site. But this also means that you will be having more responsibility towards your web site.

The choosing self hosted version of WordPress that means you are able to use your own custom domain name. Upload and install numerous free and premium paid version of the template from their collection.

Also, you can have vast choices to choose from their free and paid plugins to enhance your overall design appearance and advance functionality. Which will help you to increase your web site visibility throughout the web network.

You have the freedom to edit the code behind your web site and have access to your web site’s database [or files].

Most of the demo showcase web site you may be seen on the WordPress Web Site showcase are self hosted version of WordPress.

Since most of them have unique functionality or a custom-made design.          

Conclusion and both versions are designed in such a way that keeping in mind users’ requirements and needs. might be very useful for beginners or those who have no knowledge or little knowledge of web development. This will be a blessing for them. will be very handy for professional web developers to enhance their overall user experience and web site functionality so that they can provide more value to either for their own brand or for their customers. 

Some Most Surprising Statistics About WordPress

According to W3Tech, WordPress has 61.8% of the Content Management System [CMS] market share more than all other systems [such as; Drupal, Joomla]. 


The total number of an active web site is approximately at over 1.3 billion according to survey published by Netcraft. That is around 455,000,000 web site is using WordPress right now.


This means that around 20% of all self hosted web site use WordPress.  


There is a lot of reading and writing going on via WordPress. Over 400 million viewers looked at 20+ billion pages per month this past year.


WordPress is able to solve many of the problems businesses face online. It’s a safe bet that serious skills in WordPress can translate into a lucrative career opportunity.

There is a high demand for skilled freelancers, contractors, and direct hires. WordPress developers make an average of $57,778 per year, according to Indeed.

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