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How CPC is Different from SEO

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Difference between CPC and SEO

Click Per Cost (CPC) vs Search Engine Optimization

As the name implies it is the cost you pay per click. Traffic generated from the CPC is not free.

Where in the case of SEO the traffic is generated from organic sources.Which is free of cost.


That’s why most of the time you tend to see terms such as organic search engine listings and paid search engine listings [PSA].

Both CPC and SEO vital parts of Search Engine Marketing [SEM]. You can use either one of them as per your goal requirement as part of your overall Internet Marketing campaign.


The other major differences between both of them are derived from some of these factors: position in a search result, cost, traffic potential, conversion and ease of use.

Organic Traffic vs. Paid Search Advertising

Position in a Search Result

The above screenshot shows you the position of the paid search advertising is above the organic search result. 


Exactly where your add will place is depends on the number of factors i.e. your targeting keywords, keywords used in an ad copy, keywords used in the landing page and so on…


The middle of the search result page [SRP] only shows the organic result. The listing will place in the top position or on the first page is depends on how nicely the page is optimized in terms of on-site and off-page SEO.

  • SEO: The website optimized for search engines can get a first-page ranking position. 

  • PPC: By paying a higher cost per click [PPC] can get an ad on the first page. 


Above I have mentioned that SEO traffic is free of cost and PPC is paid. Keep in mind that it requires a lot of effort and hard work to get free traffic from search engines. It is not impossible. 

All most every keyword has high competition throughout searches. Need to have really a high-quality website and a great SEO plan to get on the top of the 5 positions. 

There are no shortcuts to SEO though some companies are trying to sell. If not aware of how the search engine works or zero-knowledge about SEO the best way to get organic search traffic is to appoint an SEO expert to get the required result. 

In the case of the PPC [Pay Per Click cost] derived from the number of other factors.        

Consider the cost per click of the advertising with most widely used for PPC, Google Adwords then it derived from the popularity of the keyword, the particular keyword is using by the number of the advertiser, ad position for a particular keyword related with the number of websites. 

It is a bit technical despite a lot of efforts that have been putten by Google to make it simpler for users. 

One thing that is good about PPC is that only pays for the clicks ad receives and not for the view. 

The daily budget can be determined in advance and pay no more than that. So that can calculate the estimate of what is an average cost per click for the keyword wants to target.

Below the screenshot, you can see the Ubersuggest the tool by Neil Patel gives an estimate for the CPC [cost per click] for each keyword.

  • PPC: Pay only when searchers click on the ad. You can use Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest keyword tool to calculate how much can pay.

  • SEO: SEO cost is indirect. Can not pay to get to the first page but if you can not do it yourself need to pay for SEO services.

Traffic Potential

Which will fetch more traffic to a website, PPC or SEO?


PPC traffic is less than SEO [organic traffic] so that if manage to rank a website for the keyword you want, it might get more traffic than paying for those keywords.


This due to the website is in one of the top 5 position  [according to data the major search traffic visit one of the top 5 website] can expect to have a continuous flow of traffic 24 by 7 without having to pay anything [how popular a keyword is determined actual volume of traffic]. 


If the traffic and cost of the first-page position compare for PPC and SEO traffic, organic traffic is much better. Some data suggests the PPC ads fetch more click than organic but this translates into a bigger budget for the target keyword.


Visitors coming from PPC ads or from organic traffic (i.e. make a purchase, register to a newsletter and in general response to call for action), are more likely to convert?


Highly targeted and optimized ads have a higher percentage of visitors converting than visitors coming from organic search.


This is because of that a webpage can rank for some other keyword [other than those initially intended] so the search visitor might not looking be at exactly for the content [or the product] presented on the particular page.


In the case of PPC run a successful campaign then will only get the click from visitors who are interested 100% in content or the products.

  • PPC: Highly optimized keywords will generate more conversions but will cost more

  • SEO:  SEO traffic is better than other forms of traffic (i.e. social media) but in terms of conversion is not as good as PPC traffic.

Ease of Use

Both PPC and SEO are not easy to get an optimum result if do not have the required knowledge and experience. 


A lot of time and effort needs to put into the SEO process. It might take months or even years to rank for specific terms or not rank at all.

The conclusion: First PPC and then SEO

In a broader view that needs to use both PPC and SEO as part of an internet marketing strategy.try 


PPC campaign fetches you a faster result and based on the analysis using which keyword convert better and then try with SEO to rank for those keywords. 


Having a high converting product or services then use PPC and if having a limited budget to spend on marketing then use SEO.


SEO may take time but the results are (under some conditions) long-lasting while with PPC when you stop paying for clicks, traffic will also stop.

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