7 Blog Post Ideas to Start With for Beginners

Don’t know where to start your first blog post?

If you are new to blogging and set up your blog as well. And you wondering what and how to write the first blog post. This blog post will provide you with insight into blog post writing.

Blog Post Ideas

1. List Post

The easiest way to start your first blog post with the list post

You can just create an important list that everyone must read in your niche. For example, the best list of books for every digital marketer should read, the best list of tools for every content writer to know about, the list of best resources for RnD students should know bout…

The list is very very huge. You do not require a lot of effort to come up with such kind of a list. All you have to do is research on Google about the top book, the top tools, the top resources in your niche. Google will provide you with a lot of information related to this. Just compile all the information nicely into one document and here you are with your first blog post.

2. How to Post

How to do _______ 

For example: How to choose the perfect hosting services provider

Try to find out “How to do XYZ” in your niche and build your blog content around it. It is one of the most common and easiest ways to grab the attention of the audience in your niche.

3. Case Study Post.

How _______ achive _________

For example how SnapDeal or Paytm started from zero and now dominated the market. 

These kinds of case studies or the success stories are easily available over the internet.  

Find out the best such case study examples in your niche built the blog post around them and post it on your blog. That will generate more traffic to your blog.

This is one of the ways you can come up with your first blog post.

4. QnA Post

Answering the list of questions

10 most common questions about your niche. 

Make a list of 10 most asked top questions and try to provide them with answers so that they can be benefited from your blog post. Here also Google is your trusted resource. 

It is not like that whenever you are writing a blog post not necessary that you have to come up with 100% of your own content. Because that is next to impossible. But you can take inspiration from people, other’s blogs, websites, etc. 

Do the research on Google to get the information about your topic, compile all of them into your blog post with your own take and points on the topic.

5. Definition Post

What Is _________      

Try to build your blog post around the most prominent definition terms in your niche. 

Like, what is Digital Marketing? How it is different from traditional marketing?

Research such most important terms in your niche and list down their definitions. 

The definitions are the most read the topic on the net in any niche.

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6. Tools Post

Explaining about the most useful tools.   

Lis down most 10 tools that everyone must use to save their time in your niche and write the blog post around it. Putting your own take, experience or your own point of view.

There are number of web tools are available on the internet. You can note down these tolls and write brief intro and their benefit. 

7. Problem or Solution Post

This kind of post has a very easy format. 

Find out the most common problems in your niche and put the solutions for those problems in your blog post. So that your creating valuable content in your niche which will be benefited others in your niche.        


If you want to do a research, do visite link below:


They have done a tremendous job putting a lot of effort to create a huge database of the resources for the blog writes. This blog post is like a bible for a blog writer if you religiously follow their blog post you are definitely going to grab the attention of the readers. So that you have more possibility of the conversation ratio.

PS: So start writing your first blog post. Writing is an art nobody is perfect in it keep practising so that you can polish your writing skills. Do not think about comment or the feedback you will get for your blog post. Always think like no one is going to read my blog post, so do not get frightened about the writing.

Happy Blogging!

Image sources: pixabay.com


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