You are currently viewing Online Millionaire Summit – 2020 India’s Biggest Digital Marketing Online Event

Online Millionaire Summit – 2020 India’s Biggest Digital Marketing Online Event

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India’s Biggest Digital Marketing Event Is BACK ..!

Online Millionaire Summit has started this initiative last year. In his first year only it was a huge success. Over 6.428 attendees and India’s top 30 speakers, we are hoping to provide more value this time.

Have you ever seen the amazing result of the successful digital marketers on social media and feel it is too hard for me to achieve or too out of my reach?

Ask yourself…

How can I, A complete beginner, with no product, No experience, No list… ever make any kind of money or get the kind of results they are getting?   


After attending the event last year some of the attendees:

  • Launched their store and started the Dropshipping business
  • Stared their own Digital Marketing Agency
  • Started their career in print & Demand 
  • Started their Coaching & Consulting Business 
  • Some of them had found the right mentors for them and started learning under them 

We had noticed one important thing that out of all the attendees there are still many of them who watched everything but did not take any action.

While 2019 the focus was on providing more information on the digital media business. This year’s focus will be on the Practical and Actionable approaches.

We Decided to Focus on EXECUTION rather Than INFORMATION Overload.

So we came up with the question for our speakers “If You Have To START ALL OVER FROM ZERO… “WHAT WOULD YOU DO FROM DAY 1 TO DAY 30, STEP-BY-STEP?”

I Wanted To Know EXACTLY What They Would Do To Get Back On Top…

And all of them agreed. Because they all started from the same place.

No Product, No List, No Connections…

They have responded with their thoughts in different ways:

  • some shared a STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL
  • some shared the COMPLETE BLUEPRINT
  • some recorded a VIDEO
  • ​some shared a DETAILED CASE STUDY
  • ​some shared a WHITEBOARD SESSION
  • ​some explained it all WITH AN INTERVIEW

But each of them had just *ONE GOAL IN MIND.

Which we are sharing or teaching in this event so that participant doesn’t just acquire knowledge but actually take some action on it…!

And the result is a collection of step-by-step blueprints and guides in each field and each of them is worth in GOLD.

5 days 30 speakers the biggest digital marketing event is back
OMS 2020

Online-Millionaire-Summit’s mission is simple –

To move people from the stage of Consuming Information & Learning one thing after another to ACTUALLY TAKING ACTION and building amazing Online Businesses!

These fantastic people who were crazy enough to agree to this – just to help serve you at their HIGHEST level…?

Join the Summit to get all the blueprints that you can implement and be successful…

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Here’s what you get when you join –

  • Life-Changing Case Studies, Tutorials, and Blueprints shared by 20+ Experts and Influencers (INR 10,000 value)
  • FREE Access to Complete Recording of Online Millionaire Summit 2019 (INR 4,500 value)
  • Bonus Content, Cheat Sheets, and Mini-Courses (INR 5,000 value)
  • Member-Only Exclusive Facebook Group (INR 2000 value)
  • Live QnA Calls (INR 2000 value)
  • Once In a Lifetime Event (Priceless)

Main Themes Covered in the Event-

  • Dropshipping

Learn how to build a profitable global e-commerce brand without holding any inventory or office. One of the hottest online business right now. Sell across the globe!
Important Topics Covered: The right way to set up your Shopify store? Which payment gateway to use? How much budget is needed to start? How to find winning products? …and much more!

  • Blogging

Learn how to start a blog on anything you’re passionate about. One of the most reliable ways to build authority. Learn different ways to earn income via blogging.

Important Topics Covered: Why you should start a blog? How to get started? What topic to choose? Hosting, Domain? How to monetize the blog the right way? How to promote it for maximum exposure?

  • Affiliate Marketing

Don’t want to create anything of your own? Then you can take someone else’s products, promote them and when someone buys, you get an amazing commission.

 Important Topics Covered: Basics of affiliate marketing? How to get started? Which platforms to choose? How to find products to promote? Basics of the funnel? …and much more!

  • Print on Demand

Are you the creative one? Excited about designs and t-shirts? You can build an amazing business selling t-shirts online without holding any inventory yourself.

Important Topics Covered: Let’s launch your 1st t-shirt campaign together. How to find winning designs? Which platform to choose from? What to do if you’re not a good designer? …and much more!

  • YouTube

Youtube is not just for watching cat videos anymore. Did you know you can build a long term, hugely profitable business making videos about things you love? Find out how.

Important Topics Covered: Things to keep in mind before starting a YouTube channel? How to grow from 0 to 1000 subscribers fast? Which camera, mic to use to get started? Different ways to monetize your channel and build a long term business? …and much more!

  • Online Courses

One of the most profitable & easy to start an online business. Teach anything you are passionate about which people need and people will pay for your course or consulting.

Important Topics Covered: Why you don’t need to be an expert before teaching others? How to choose your course topic which people will pay money for? How to record a course? How to promote the course online? …and much more!

  • Digital Marketing Agency

Are you good at Facebook Ads or Google Ads or Digital Marketing? You can start doing marketing or consulting for other businesses and charge for your services.

Important Topics Covered: What skills are needed to start a digital marketing agency? How to position yourself? How to get the first client? How much to charge? How to scale? …and much more!


Apart from these major topics, we are also going to cover other important topics like Influencer Marketing, Facebook Ads, Virtual Summits, SEO and many more topics. All the topics mentioned above will be covered either through interviews or tutorials or the blueprints provided by the speakers.


Learn from 300 Expert Plus Amazing Bonuses Valued at 24,000 With Lifetime Access…

14th – 18th
April 2020
No travel Needed
Digital Marketers
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  • No Travel Required. Attend From Home.

It’s an online summit. No flight or hotel booking required. Saves your lot of money. Attend from anywhere.

  • Affordable Ticket Pricing 

Most of such big events are very expensive and very exclusive. It required traveling and accommodation. This is an online event.

  • Practical Approach By Top Experts

No boring, theoretical, fluffy content! All the speakers in the event are experts, coaches, and guides who are actually doing amazing online businesses themselves.

  • Access on Convenience 

What anytime, anywhere, any number of times no limit. Given access to membership sites where you can watch the session from mobile, tablet, or laptop.

  • Once in a Lifetime Event “Priceless”

Priceless advice and tips from top experts. Unlimited access to all videos for a lifetime. All sessions are available in MP3 format for quick listening.  Private Members-Only exclusive Facebook group. Live QnA sessions with experts and hosts. Exclusive Bonuses, templates, checklists, and guides.

DISCOUNTED PRICE(3rd Apr – 14 April)EARLY BIRD PRICE (80% OFF) (Available till 3rd April)DURING THE EVENT(14th April Onwards)
3rd April – 14 th April
(80% OFF)
997Available till 3rd April
14rd April Onwards
BONUS: Complete Recording of 2019 Event. BONUS: Complete Recording of 2019 Event.BONUS: Complete Recording of 2019 Event.
All-Access Pass To OMS 2020.All-Access Pass to OMS 2020All-Access Pass to OMS 2020
Bonus: Guides & Tutorials.BONUS: Guides & TutorialsBONUS: Guides & Tutorials
Live QnA Call-in Facebook Group.Live QnA Calls in Facebook GroupLive QnA Calls in Facebook Group

Exclusive EARLY BIRD OFFER –  80% Discount
Book Now
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